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Business Analyst


Bachelors or higher degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related.
At least one year experience.

Daily job duties:

1. Prepare sales analysis report on a weekly basis. Find out the relationship between sales performance and merchandising on the sales floors; suggest product placement base on sales reports.
2. Perform ROI analysis on products and submit buying suggestions based on ROI report.
3. Perform employee performance analysis based on sales performance and suggest improvements and conduct training.
4. Gather and analyze customer data; prepare forms for other employees for this purpose.
5. Research and suggest advertising and marketing plans and implement the same once approved. Perform ROI analysis on advertising, marketing expenditure and make improvement plan. (average 2 days per week)
6. Responsible for POS & inventory system study and manual preparation and training (1 day per week for 2-3 months)

Job Type: Full-time

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